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Maureen E Lynn
Hummingbirds by Maureen
Downing Park is a quaint little park
that is located in Newburgh NY.  It's
a small park just off of Route 9W,
but the biggest attraction in my
mind is the pond that is usually
filled with geese, ducks, swans and
sea gulls, as well as other
waterfowl.  When there you never
know what you might see since the
birds migrate through the area.    

To the right and below are links to
albums and sideshows of swans
and other waterfowl that I've seen
at the pond over the years.  If you
click on the photo you will be taken
to a full album. Clicking on the title
below the photo will take you to a
slide show of that album.

Swans, Ducks, Geese and Seagulls at Downing Park in Newburgh NY