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Hummingbird Clips
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Garden Bird Clips
A lot of these clips were taken on a
memory stick and are not the best quality.
Video clip of a Sharp-Shinned Hawk
eating its kill.  
Some people may
find this disturbing
August 2, 2008 was a dreary, rainy day here in Montague.  I sat at my home
computer all day long and as I looked out the window I saw a male
Ruby-Throated hummingbird sitting on the top of a post where I normally
keep a feeder.  He was guarding a hummingbird feeder that was hanging just
outside of my window.  I grabbed my camera and started clicking away.  That
day I took hundreds of photos of that one male hummingbird, as well as
several video clips.  The links below are both from that day.  The first one will
take you to the video clips I posted from the day (one of them is playing
above).  The second link will take you to a photo album of that hummingbird's
activities that day.  Be advised that there are 448 photos in this album, all of
that one hummingbird.  A lot of people have told me they enjoyed the album
and others have said they were bored, so be prepared if you do decide to
look at the photos.  Most of the photos are unedited because to be honest,
there were just too many to sit there editing them all.  Grab a cup of coffee, sit
back and enjoy (maybe? - it's all in your point of view).

Video Clips from 08/02/2008

A Slide Show of Photos from 08/02/2008