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Maureen E Lynn
I love sitting out during the summers
watching the hummingbirds and taking
pictures of them.  I have a new camera
now, a Canon EOS T1i Rebel, and I just
love it!  The hummingbirds get used to me,
and allow me to sit or stand as close as I
want to the feeders  I am usually close
enough that I can hold the feeder with one
hand while taking pictures with the other,
something I have done a number of times in
the past, and I have the pictures to prove
it!  I surround myself with the real thing
during the summer, and my photos all
winter.   During the past two years I have
also started gardening again and now grow
a lot of flowers to attract hummingbirds,
butterflies and bees. My hard work is
paying off and I have a lot of plans for new
flower beds this summer.
The Hummingbirds
Here in northern New Jersey, we have only one species of hummingbird - the
Ruby-Throated hummingbird.  They arrive usually during April and stick around until
at least September.  I normally wait until they have been here for a few weeks to let
them get established before I start imposting myself on them to take pictures.  

During the summer of 2010 I worked to cut back the overgrowth in my yard and
carved out a "hummingbird haven", complete with a seating area.  I now put all of my
hummingbird feeders in the one area, then sit in comfort to watch the little jewels flit
around and to photograph them.  Labor day is normally the last good weekend I have
to take photos.  After that they start thinning out and it takes until the end of
September, sometimes the beginning of October for the last of them to leave.  It
usually depends on the weather - if they leave early I know we are in for an early
Hummingbirds by Maureen
About Us
Photo #2005-0524a & 2005-0499
Photo #2005-0980 & 2005-0993
Photo #2005-1019 & 2005-1026
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Latest News
This morning I became
aware that it has been a
VERY long time since I've
updated this site, and I am
determined to bring it more
up to date.  

I have spent my time taking
photos as usual, and all of
my online photos can be
found on my
page.  I also have photos on
Picasa, but all of the photos
that have been posted there
are also on

Back in 2009 something
exciting happened.  I was
included in an article that
was published in the June
2009 issue of Birds &
Blooms, their annual
hummingbird issue.  The
article was titled
Hummingbird Fanatics".  I
was one of five people
selected to be interviewed
for the article, and one of my
photos was published with
the article.  

It is now spring here in
Montague, and the snow is
rapidly melting.  In the
uncovered areas I am seeing
signs of spring.  Some plants
are showing signs of life,
some tulips and daffodils are
starting to sprout and my
lilacs have put out buds.  It
will be weeks before I see
any flowers, but it's
wonderful to watch nature
come to life; it's a beautiful
season!  Within 6-8 weeks
my hummingbirds will return
and I am ready to welcome
them with open arms!

I created this site to share
my love of hummingbirds
with the world.  I have
included many of my
photos, a couple of video
clips and links to my other
sites as well as different
websites that I enjoy.  
Photo #2004-0209 & 2004-0210
Photo #2005-1153 & 2005-1172
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